Smile Like You Mean It... (mistaken_again) wrote in barry_buccs,
Smile Like You Mean It...

Hey there, My name is Kim and I was hoping to get some questions answered. I'll get straight to it:

I hope to attend Barry University for the 2006-2007 school year and I was very curious about the typical admittance standards of the place. So, I was wondering if any of you fine people who got accepted there, would be willing to tell me a little about what you had to offer. Such as GPA, classes you took, any extracurricular activites, etc. Anything that would give me a little insight as to what I should be doing so that I too may be accepted there. Any information you have would help me greatly.

Also, if anyone had any personal information on the Photography program they have at Barry, then I would appreciate it.

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hey yeh im a photo major from New Jersey, just IM me at Pryncss Trina on AIM and ill let you know anything you need to know
I hear anyone with a good GPA will get accepted ie. 2.0 ha ha, my over all GPA was a 3.0 and i did undescribely horrible on the SAT's, what was that? you wanna know what i got, well lets just say that i could have slept through the whole thing and i would have gotten a better score. Anyway Barry is always looking for new nd interesting people, and right now Sr. Linda is big on diversity, so if you have some rare nationality in you family you can kinda bring it forward and that will make you look better, see i'm Haitian, Jamaican, and American Indian. Anyway I wouldn't worry about it,Barry is pretty easy to get into, I know some people who write horribly, and from what i've just read you'll do fine. On an essay isn't required, but you really should do one, it tells the admission people that you are willing to go the extra mile, thought you might not be willing to do that.
Wow, that's all really good to hear. My GPA is average, about a 3.0 right now I guess. And I have yet to take the SATS, which I really need to do, but I am pretty sure I will do fairly well on them. Standardized tests love me. Unfortunately, I am just plain ole American. No special heritages or anything like that. But, you wouldn't happen to know if they look down on people applying after having graduated from High School using the three-year 18-credit option? And one last thing, I am confused about the essay part, what is it on/about/etc.?
P.S. I was also curious if you could tell me how you pay/payed for school there? Did you get any scholarships, financial aid, etc., or did your parents pay for it or something?