Sabrina (diva86o4) wrote in barry_buccs,

hey everyone do this for fall

I stole this from another community:

Age: 19
Location: Port St Lucie, FL
Year: Sophomore
Major/Minor: Not sure but i think Business, and Musical Theater
Name a few of your favorite...
Bands: mostly hiphop and r&b...Ying Yank Twins,Outkast..i'm guilty of listening to almost everything though.
Movies: Center Stage, Harold and Kumar
Books: Harry Potter...
Interests: Shopping, travelling, work, reading, singing, and hanging out with my sex inthe city girls.
What do you like best about Barry?
Best: The people are really nice, and the work isn't as hard as i thought it would be.
Least: it's kinda in the Ghetto.
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